*Shannon has suspended in-studio classes for now. Private and semi-private outdoor sessions are available by appointment. These sessions will be held at Shannon’s vineyard in Rome.

Otherwise, classes are held at Springstone Yoga Studio, 210 East Second Avenue, Rome, GA 30161. When that is feasible, schedule will be updated.


Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful practice which over time transforms your body, spirit, and experience of yourself and the world around you. Challenging and dynamic, the practice is a moving meditation which provides the tools to harness your mind and senses to inhabit the body and the present moment to its fullest. Ashtanga is all those things, but it is also very simple, and anyone can practice.

The foundation of the Ashtanga practice is breathing and the linking of movement with breath. Using the precision of the breathing and movement system, extraneous mental clutter recedes.

Ashtanga Mysore style practice

  • Ideal for beginners or students new to Ashtanga Yoga. Named for the city in India in which Ashtanga Yoga originated, Mysore practice is the traditional method for unlocking the benefits of Ashtanga Yoga. Mysore is best described as a private lesson with the energy and community of a group class. The teacher guides each student individually as they learn and practice the sequence at their own pace. Experienced and beginning students practice together, the teacher providing instruction, adjustment, and guidance.

Led Primary Series one Saturday per month.

  • Traditional Led Primary Series. Dynamic and challenging, this traditionally counted Led class is for the student familiar with the Ashtanga Practice. You do not need to be practicing the entire Primary Series to attend, but familiarity with the sequence and some experience is necessary. This is not a beginner class. This class will be offered once a month. Please contact Shannon prior to attending, or if you have any questions about attending this class. $10 in advance, $15 drop-in. One Saturday per month. 9:30AM. Contact Shannon for details.

Private/Semi-private instruction is available.