For a time such as this…

I have practiced yoga for a long time. The motivation changes from day to day, and evolves over the years. Strength. Flexibility. Focus. Quiet. Ego. Insight. Eventually there developed an undercurrent beneath those hours on the mat. A difficult to articulate feeling of shoring up. A stockpiling of energy, effort, discipline for some future famine. … Continue reading For a time such as this…

WINTER WORKSHOP- The Yoga Toolbox: Home Practice for the Holidays

Saturday, December 14, 10AM-12PM. If you have taken Shannon's Yoga Toolbox series, or any of her classes, you know Shannon emphasizes foundational principles and believes that the value is in the AIM of the posture, not matching a textbook image. Satisfying and sustainable yoga practice is built on a solid foundation of basic principles. Shannon … Continue reading WINTER WORKSHOP- The Yoga Toolbox: Home Practice for the Holidays

Transitions and Transience

That space between NOW and NEXT is my least favorite. All the possibilities hanging in the balance just make me feel like the ground is disappearing beneath my feet. Like a trapeze artist taking a deep breath and counting on practice and skill to make it to the next safe grip, except that there are … Continue reading Transitions and Transience

Yoga and Mothering: Always WORTH IT

Yoga (and okay, motherhood,) are gifts that keep on giving. Although yoga comes with less whining. Usually. I used to think it was ironic that my serious commitment to regular yoga practice came AFTER I gave birth to my first child. At that point I was drowning in exhaustion, anchored to an erratic feeding schedule, … Continue reading Yoga and Mothering: Always WORTH IT

New year, new you, “same’ practice.

For those who don't know, Ashtanga Yoga is comprised of several series of postures that are done in a very specific sequence. It is not uncommon to spend YEARS working through just one series. And anyone who practices will tell you there is always more to work on, no matter how long you have been … Continue reading New year, new you, “same’ practice.


New schedule begins January 8, 2018. Foundational Flow on Monday evening AND Friday morning. Introduction to Ashtanga series on Tuesday. Mysore Tuesday earlier time. Special pricing to support your New Year's Resolution to care for yourself. And as a thank you to all the dedicated students, a free class for current student when a friend … Continue reading NEW YEAR, NEW CLASSES!


Transitions. The in-between, not quite this-not quite that, letting go of what was, and readying for what is next. At best, transitions are exhilarating. Often they are confusing and messy. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, TRANSITIONS MATTER. Life is full of those in between things. Traffic. Dishes. "If I can just get *this* done then I … Continue reading Transition

Ashtanga classes canceled for the month of September. The Yoga Toolbox returns September 29, at 10AM.

NO ASHTANGA (LED PRIMARY OR MYSORE) FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. Shannon will be taking a leave from teaching for the month of September. The last day for class with her is Wednesday, August 30th at 10AM. Shannon will be spending this time away studying with her teacher, researching her own practice, and preparing for … Continue reading Ashtanga classes canceled for the month of September. The Yoga Toolbox returns September 29, at 10AM.


Get out of your own way. Led Primary has a way of reassuring me that I am stronger than I think. Stronger....Th(e)n, I think. The count removes space for thinking. And the practice itself opens up in that space. Space is transferred into the now, the physical, the doing. Every time the mind breaks in … Continue reading GET OUTSIDE

Spring Cleaning

Mysore moves to Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM. The Yoga Toolbox begins this Thursday (3/23) at 10:00 AM. A couple spaces remain, register now to hold your spot. Click the "Contact" link above. Monday 6:45 PM Led/Guided Primary as usual. Email Shannon with any questions. Now is the perfect time for growth. Plant the seeds … Continue reading Spring Cleaning