Saturday, December 14, 10AM-12PM

THE YOGA TOOLBOX: Home Practice for the Holidays.

“If you have taken Shannon’s Yoga Toolbox series, or any of her classes, you know Shannon emphasizes foundational principles and believes that the value is in the AIM of the posture, not matching a textbook image. Satisfying and sustainable yoga practice is built on a solid foundation of basic principles. Shannon teaches yoga as an ever adaptable tool to enhance the experience of the present moment, and it is her firm belief that anyone can learn to access the tools at their disposal. Through the use of props, individualized modifications, and lots of dynamic energy, Shannon will help you craft a safe and satisfying sequence of postures to keep you steady and present during the holiday season.”

Pre-registration required. $35 before December 6th. $40 after until full. Contact Shannon to reserve your space.


Ongoing. Tuesday 8:30 AM: Ashtanga Mysore practice.

Named for the city in India where the Ashtanga practice began, this traditional method is best described as a private lesson with the dynamics and community of a group setting. The teacher guides each student individually as they learn and practice the sequence at their own pace. Ideal for beginners and experienced students alike, all levels practice together, at the pace appropriate for each individual.

Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful and transformative discipline. The Mysore practice is a vehicle of moving meditation. The mind quiets as you dive into the dynamic movement of the body and breath. As the practice is learned gradually and committed to memory, you hone tools to cultivate a lifetime yoga practice that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit. It truly accommodates all levels. Experienced and beginning students practice together, the teacher providing instruction, adjustment, and guidance as appropriate. Shannon provides lots of hands on adjustments and individual attention to enable every practitioner to cultivate their own practice at a safe pace.

To pre-register for classes, please email Shannon using the “Contact” menu above. New students please contact Shannon prior to starting class. Check or cash preferred. Credit/debit accepted with a 2-3% convenience fee. 6-Week series, $75, single class drop-in, $18.

Drop-in Options:  Tuesday Mysore is available for drop-in by students who have previously completed a 6 week study or who have contacted Shannon prior to class. Mysore drop-in is $18 per class.

Private/Semi-private Sessions by appointment.