Transitions. The in-between, not quite this-not quite that, letting go of what was, and readying for what is next. At best, transitions are exhilarating. Often they are confusing and messy. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, TRANSITIONS MATTER.

Life is full of those in between things. Traffic. Dishes. “If I can just get *this* done then I can…” But life IS dishes and traffic. Skipping over, rushing through the mundane details, you miss the beauty in the experience of the mundane. That is where meditation hides. Chopping wood and carrying water. And you can miss your whole life only looking ahead to some imaginary end point. The end point is not a better or more worthwhile place. And YOUR end point suffers if you you neglect the set-up, the MOVES that get you there. Transitions matter.

In this yoga, the dynamic move between postures binds the mind into the immediate present. Body and mind must work as one to execute a clean transition. The messy, awkward, fumbling uncertainty happens when they do not. But when they do…wow, its like magic. Its like flying.

In this yoga, they “clean the slate” between postures.

The transitions between postures are a return to neutral, clarifying where you are starting from before creating the next position. Awareness of the starting point makes the path to the next end position clear. Acknowledgement of what is, allows honest assessment of what is possible.

In this yoga, they exist to build strength.

Marshall your reserves, coil up the energy within, and prepare to spring into dynamic action. Move confidently into the next act.

It is hard to harness the focus, the clarity, the strength required to execute a smooth transition. Lots of time I have flailed and tumbled, not even aware that I am skipping vital steps, seeing them only from face up at the bottom of a place I didn’t intend to go.

Transitions exist to bring forth breath.

And so, I am going to practice. And breathe. And listen. And reflect. Check my foundation. Because this is a time of transition. And I want to be READY.



2 thoughts on “Transition

    1. You did. I will be traveling, studying with my Teacher, and attending to some personal stuff that requires my attention. I’ll be be back recharged and ready to go at the new studio September 29th!


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